BHOPAL: Monitoring of pollution by firms in Madhya Pradesh will not be through physical verification anymore. It will now be done just by click of a mouse from Bhopal. MP Pollution Control Board (MPPCB) is coming up with an online environmental surveillance centre to monitor air pollution level in cements and thermal power plants of the state. So far only Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, apart from Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) have this facility. 

Through environmental surveillance centre, MPPCB will get online round the clock live feeds right at its office here from the entire thermal and cement units of its emission and ambient air quality. In case, if MPPCB finds pollution level is exceeding the permissible limits, a message will be generated which will go to the head of the concerned firm. Further action could be taken if the warning is overlooked. Environmental surveillance centre is expected to start within two months. Chief chemist at MPPCB, Gunwant Joshi told TOI around 70 to 100 cement and thermal power plants will be monitored by online real time data at the centre. Cement and thermal plants have been chosen since they add to the pollution the most. 

Initially, ambient air quality will be monitored, but gradually the MPPCB will also monitor the water quality. States where environmental surveillance is currently functional monitors only ambient air quality and not the water quality. Arrangements will be made in future to calibrate the pollution levels at office here. An expression of interest will be called from software companies for dedicated leased line and demonstrating it free for at least three months, he added. 

The cost of environmental surveillance centre will be bear at both ends by the MPPCB and firms. MPPCB has also taken bank guarantees for the units for the purpose. On the need of coming up with environmental surveillance centre, the officials said it was not just the increasing pollution levels, but also the staff crunch with increasing workload and the amount of time consumed in going to a plant and doing its physical verification. 

Source: Times of India (Dated 05 Jun 2015)