Timber- Bamboo

Every year the state produces more than 2.5 lakh cubic meter of timber,  two lakh cubic meter of fuel wood and about 65 thousand notional tonnes of bamboo. The  'Teak'   ( Tectona grandis)   timber   of Madhya Pradesh is world famous for texture, colour and grain qualities. It is best suited for furniture making and house construction.


About MPMFP Federation

The State Minor Forest Produce  Federation at Bhopal was established in 1984. It is the nodal agency for  the production  and processing of non timber forest  produce. It is the apex co-operative  body comprising 61 District  Co-operative  Unions and 1066 Primary Co-operative Societies  all over the state.

The Federation  is continuously  striving  to empower the village level institutions through various schemes and activities.  A number of  projects funded by  various departments of the Government of M.P. and Government of India are being implemented by the Federation in the areas of conservation, cultivation & processing of NTFPs.


Tendu Leaf

The state produces about 25 lakh standard bags of tendu leaves  every year,  which is about 30% of the national production. The state has a monopoly over collection  and trade of  tendu leaves.  The collection of tendu  leaf provides employment to about 15  lakh people during the hot summer season when employment   availability  in agriculture  is low. Tendu leaf collection operations  yield an income  of about Rs. 145 crore every year to the forest dwellers.


Other Minor Forest Produce

The state has trade monopoly over sal seeds and kullu gum with an annual production of about 1200 tonnes and 300 tonnes respectively. The production  potential of Mahua and Aonla is 6000 tonnes and 5000 tonnes respectively.


Besides being a pioneer in herbal production  and processing,  the State of Madhya Pradesh has also taken a lead in the utilization and value-addition of many other minor forest  produce.  Lac is one such produce,  which is becoming popular not only in India  but also in the International market.



Innovative Measures

The production  of natural fiber like sisal and sabai is also gaining momentum.  Honey, Aonla Murabba and  Sharbat, Ayurvedic medicines etc.,  are some of the fields in which the village level groups  have made good progress. Encouraged  by these successful  initiatives a Centre of Excellence for  Processing,  Research  and Training  has been set up at Bhopal. By the name of MFP- Processing and Research Centre (MFP- PARC),  this is GMP and ISO-9001:2000 certified unit of the Federation and is now manufacturing  more than 200 Ayurvedic medicines,  besides processing wild honey on a large scale. To provide an umbrella, all value added items are being marketted under the brand "Vindhya  Herbals".  It  is expected that in the coming years, about 25,000 new job opportunities  will be created in  Non Wood Forest Produce (NWFP) and allied sectors.


High Tech Plantation  Scheme has been introduced  aiming at the production  of high quality timber with a short rotation of the economically  viable species such as teak, bamboo, etc.

Lok Vaniki Mission has been formulated for the management of the tree clad areas of the individual farmers for the twin benefit of the environment and economic betterment of the people.

People's Protected Area (PPA) – An initiative to enrich the forest  areas with medicinal plants by facilitating  in situ conservation and ex situ propagation  involving people. This is proving to be an extremely important tool for socio - economic upliftment of the forest dependant communities.


Encouraging Private Participation

The investment opportunities in the sector are many and the state has opened them up for private enterprise.

The state is encouraging ecotourism and adventure tourism in and around National Parks, Sanctuaries and other forest areas. About 50 such potential sites have been identified for development. List can be seen at MP State Eco-tourism Development Board's website.

Areas of Private Participation

• Contract farming initiatives with farmers for production of medicinal and aromatic plants.

• Contract marketing initiatives with Primary MFP Cooperative Societies.

• Setting up big processing units for Timber, Bamboo, Paper and NWFP in the state.

• Collaborative manufacturing under agreed specifications.



Commercial Plantation Scheme

Commercial Plantation Scheme aims to increase forestry production by creating plantation of species of higher economic value such as teak and bamboo for use of industrial and commercial purposes. Madhya Pradesh State Forest Development Corporation has undertaken plantations on 2,22,275 ha.

Content Courtesy : MP Madhyam.

Source: http://www.mp.gov.in/en/web/guest/forest