Educational/Professional Qualifications: Ph.D. in Chemistry

Overseas Professional Exposure/Study tour:

Visited Bradford University UK in 1996 (for three months) and 2003 (one month) for higher studies for Environmental and Disaster management studies.

Visited Germany in 1996 (six weeks) and 2002 (three weeks) for trainers training for Environmental and Disaster management training.

Visited Japan in 2005 (one week) to participate as panellists in UN’s “World Conference on Disaster Reduction” in Kobe from India as one of the Indian members with German delegation.

Participated in UN’s Third International Conference on Early Warning, 27-29 March, 2006 Bonn, Germany

Participated and presented a paper in the International Disaster Risk Conference, Davos  (25-29 August 2008), Switzerland.

Organised a capacity development programme in Germany as moderator for various States and National agencies from 20 June to 3 July 2010.

Professional Experience in Disaster Management Institute:

Total Service Experience: More About 30 years experience in the area of Environment and disaster management. Working at regional and national level and coordinating various states. Provided technical leadership in making on-site and off-site emergency management plans to various hazardous industries and state Govts of the India.  Provided leadership in completing Risk assessment, safety audits for various industries.

Chief editor of which has been developed jointly by InWEnt-gtz-DMI under Indo-German bilateral programme.

Presently working closely with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Ministry of Home, and MOEF GOI as:

  • Core Group Member in drafting and publication of  “National Guidelines on Chemical/Industrial Disaster Management” 
  • Coordinator of “Strengthening of Safety and Security for Transportation of POL tankers” 
  • Technical advisor to NDMA in conducting Chemical/Industrial Disaster Mock-drills in the whole country
  • Member Secretary, National Action Plan (NAP) of Chemical/Industrial Disaster Management. NAP is prepared jointly by NDMA and MOEF.
  • Member of working group on Disaster Management of Planning Commission of 11th  and 12th  Five Year Plan.

Experience of working with following central Ministries:

o   Ministry of Environment and Forests, GOI

o   Ministry of Labour, GOI

o   Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI


Having experience of working with following foreign agencies for disaster and environment subject:

§  World Bank

§  German Technical Co-operation (gtz) and InWEnt, Germany.



§  InWEnt and gtz