SUBJECT :E-waste 

BHOPAL: To ensure that no waste goes to waste, the civic body is mulling a project to segregate the bio- degradable and non-bio degradable waste at the source itself, a practice followed in most of the developed cities across the world. However, due to the enforcement of the poll code, the project would only take off by December this year.

Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) will be launching the pilot project in ward no -55, which includes areas like Shakti Nagar, Saket Nagar and localities around AIIMS.


"Since the process of disposal is different for different types of waste, it is best to segregate them at the source itself, which is the household. Under the project, we would put separate bins for bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste in every locality and people would be asked to use them judiciously. This will ensure good use of the city's refuse, "said additional commissioner health Sanjay Kumar. Plans have already been chalked out but the separate collection centres for bio-degradable and non-degradable waste would be set up only after the elections are over. Assistant health officer (AHO) Rakesh Sharma, who is in charge of the pilot project said, "2,500 houses would be covered under the pilot project and each would be supplied two bins for dumping biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste separately. Five vehicles would collect the waste from the bins every day. Besides, the vehicles would also carry an e-waste collection bin with them as such kind of waste is not generated from households every day."


"While the biodegradable waste would be made into compost in the ward itself, the non-biodegradable waste would be sent to Bhanpur for recycling," he said.



Bio degradable waste

Non-biodegradable waste


Paper, clothes, vegetables, flowers, kitchen waste, human and animal waste

Metal, crockery, plastic bags, glass, leather, steel, nylon fabric

Mobile phones, computers, music system, LCD, LEDs, CDs, DVDs, ACs, batteries


Awareness before project launch

The BMC has printed 5,000 pamphlets for making the residents conscious of the importance of segregating the different waste that is generated. Besides, the door-to-door garbage collectors would also make residents aware about waste segregation and once the project is launched, there would be public announcement systems (PAS) as well that would carry the message," said AHO Sharma.


Delay in e-waste project

It is more than after a delay of a year and half that the project would include collection of e-waste. The states were to ensure a proper channel of collection and disposal of e-waste after May 1, 2012 within three months as per E-waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2010.


While the primary requirement of e-waste collection centres in main cities of the state are not in place, forget about recyclers. As an exception, only Indore has an e-waste recycler, which also doubles up as a collection agent. No other city in MP, including Bhopal, has a registered e-waste collection centre or a recycler.


But as per the PCB, no one has come forward so far to meet the requisite formalities for an authorized collection centre with the exception of Unique Echo Recycle that has been given permission to recycle 6,000 metric tonnes (MT) of e-waste.

Source: Times of India (Dated 27 Oct 2013)