BHOPAL: Facing the prospect of major water crisis in the state capital, and unable to meet water supply project deadlines, Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) mayor Alok Sharma wants to conduct sensitisation programmes to encourage people for rational use of water.The civic body knows pretty well water level in major reservoirs is dipping fast and the situation may get aggravated due to scanty rains last year, say residents.

As for preparedness and measures taken ahead of peak summer season, Sharma says, “The civic body would organise outreach and citizen engagement programmes on rational use of water to deal with impending water crisis on the lines of Swachh Bharat mission.”The civic body needs about 180 MGD of water supplied to all 85 wards of the state capital. According to estimates despite water rationing, the BMC has been able to meet around 75% of the demand. Around 13% of water supplied is deemed as distribution loss.

Replacement of four-decade-old Kolar water supply pipeline and delay full operationalisation of Narmada water supply has only added to the crisis.“Disruption in Kolar water supply line exposed the civic body. Many places where the BMC claims that it is supplying Narmada water is water from Kolar or Upper Lake,”

More than 100 persons from the areas where Kolar water could not be supplied for two days in the wake of leakages gathered near BMC headquarters demanding restoration of water supply. Water supply would be restored to normalcy by Saturday evening, said a BMC official.

Source: Times Of India 25 Mar 2018