Madhya Pradesh ENVIS Centre participated in SECAS train at Habibganj Railway Station from 07.08.2017 to 09.08.2017. We organized platform activities such as painting competition, debate competition, question-answer competition and prize distribution to winner etc. We invited the school and college students for showing the train and our exhibition. On the platform, our team was distributed the information products to people for awareness and importance on clean & green Environment. We were organized a Painting Competition for school students at Habibganj Railway Station platform No.2. It was a pleasure to see the paintings of each and every kid. The ideas gushing in their minds were copied on the portrait making each sheet a beautiful story. It was pleasure to know that these children are also well aware and highly concerned about the increasing global pollution. While having a small discussion with these students, they told stories of their locality and villages where elders pollute the environment. There was a lot to learn from these kids about conserving the environment. 

MPENVIS team given the information on 3R techniques (reduces, reuse and recycle) can be very effective in lessening the impact of our bad activities over natural ecosystem. We should start from small but effective steps like switch to organic food from inorganic food, use of natural fertilizers over chemical fertilizers, reduce use of electricity, reuse things, recycle wastes, stop deforestation, save wild animals etc to reduce the rate of climate changes. Our positive steps will really help in solving environmental issues in future.

We gave the information on importance of Science Express Climate Special Train. Dr. K.K. Tripathi (Programme Officer ENVIS) gave the information to students and public about impact of climate change in India, various types of environmental pollutants and their ill effect on human health. Shri Abhishek Dixit (Information Officer ENVIS) gave the information on cleanliness and how to protect the environment. Shri Deepak Yadav (IT Assistant ENVIS) spoke on conservation of natural resources and their management. We are thanks to our Director, Dr. Rakesh Dubey for giving an opportunity to organize the programmes on Habibganj Railway Station. We are also heartfelt thankful to our Executive Director Shri Sanjeev Singh (IAS) for valuable guidance.

Complete Report on Science Express Climate Action Special 2017 -Click Here For Download

Source: MP ENVIS