1. What is the best thing to do with old newspapers?

A  - Read them and then throw them in the litter bin.
B  - Do something fun with them, like make paper boats, or throw them in the bin 
        for paper recycling.

C -  Nothing, paper is really boring.

2. How can the energy that we use at home be produced?

A - Through nuclear power stations or wind- and hydro-electric power stations. 
B - Through turning on the lights in a room
C - It don’t have to be produced, it just comes through the wall in houses. 

3. How should you use soap and detergents?

A - Moderately, because otherwise mum and dad get mad!
B - As much as I want!
C - As little as possible, because soap and detergents can harm animals in the lakes 
        and the sea.

4. What happens with all the litter that we throw away?

A - It is sent up in a space ship and taken to Mars.
B - It is put in a container and then it just vanishes.
C - The litter is driven to a place where it is burned or buried deep down in the soil.

5. What is the best thing to do with the litter?

A - Take it to recycling centres where different things (plastic, paper, glass) 
        go into different containers.

B - Get rid of it as fast as possible, because otherwise it smells bad.
C - Throw it off a cliff far away from town. 

6. What should you do with old batteries?

A - Just throw them in the litter bin.
B - Throw them in a special container that is for old batteries.
C - Throw them anywhere outside, where no one can see them.

7. You are sent to the store to buy salad. What do you look for?

A - The salad with the most colourful wrapping.
B - Salad that is grown as far away as possible from my own country.
C - Salad that is grown in (or as close as possible to) my own country.

8. Why are beluga whales dying in the St Lawrence river in Canada?

A - Because they're getting eaten by polar bears.
B - Because they are being harmed by chemicals that pollute the river.
C - Because they swim into rocks.

9. What does the greenhouse effect do?

A - Makes plants green.
B - Makes people want to build greenhouses.
C - Produces extreme weather conditions, like storms and hot weather. 

10. How can you use less water?

A -There's no shortage of water where I live, I can use as much as I like.
B - By taking a shower rather than a bath.
C - By taking ice cubes out of the fridge and melting them.

11. What can you do with your old clothes?

A - Take them to the recycling centre so they can be reused for children in need.
B - Throw them in the litter bin.
C - Take them back to the shop where you bought them and ask the sales staff 
        to dispose of them for you.